Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trip off Campus to Practice Some Spanish!

Today was such a fun and exciting adventure! Our wonderful Spanish teacher, Martina, planned a "challenge" for our 5th graders. Their job was to go to the local Mexican Market and buy 3 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables using the Spanish language to communicate with the cashier and other employees. It was AWESOME! (I also got to practice my Spanish, Pero, yo aprendi que necesito practiar mas :( I loved Martina's idea of giving the students a real-life experience in order to practice the language. The people who worked there were incredibly helpful by asking the students questions in Spanish and not using ANY English with them. 
Thank you to LaHuerta and its wonderful employees!

On our way!

Claudia asked students, "Como te llamas" & "Cuantos aῆos tiene"

Shopping from a list!

Weighing the produce to make sure he has enough diῆero


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