Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classroom is Complete! Here are some close-ups!

Wahoo!! I feel so settled now! I actually got to do some planning and meetings, and felt as if I had a somewhat "normal" day. I am so excited! Everyone is saying how great the kids and parents are! 

Today I created a Fontas and Pinnell Reading Comprehension and Fluency assessment so that I can assess them as soon as possible (well after the first week at least!). I also met with 3/4 grade teachers to discuss Social Studies. I am looking forward to implementing all subjects through Reading and Writing. I will have to brush up on my Science though.

Below are pictures of what I have been putting together for the past 8 days. Some ideas are mine, some I found on different blogs, some I found on pintrest, and some are ideas came from professors at college!


Communal Supplies! Dull and sharp pencils, tissues, and an owl :)

Writing area. The green owls are labeling a paper holder for lined paper and copy paper. The clipboards have dry erase sheets stuck to the back. I bought them off of Amazon and will be great for review and math facts! They stick right on the back of the clipboards! The box to the left is the Student Writing Portfolios. I plan to keep only published work in there and present it at conferences to highlight their work and improvements. 

Keeping track of the Writing Process. Magnets and pizza pans from the Dollar Tree.

Teacher Desk :) I love that I found an owl chest! I still haven't figured out how to incorporate into the classroom with significance, so right now it holds my two currently favorite books: The Lonely Book and Westlandia. 

This is the 10 drawer cart I got on sale at Big Lots! I am not sure what it will all be used for, but the last 6 will hold my Fontas and Pinnell books for assessments. I hope to be able to just drag it over (it's on wheels) to the small group table and grab the books as I need them. I will file their results in their Student files that I have behind my desk. This is another great reference for parent conferences.

This is a close up of the left side, front of my desk. While I am working with small groups, students will be working in groups or independently. Without fail, children working without me will have a question. This idea is to eliminate any interruptions. If a student has a question about something, they are to ask 3 other students for the answer or for some help. If they are unsuccessful with that, they are to take a number and bring it back to their desk. When I am finished with my small group, I check this chart. If a number(s) are missing, I go to the students who need it.

This is my small group area. I show you how to make these cool "crate chairs" in this blog post here

My Author Study Board! I am so excited about this. First of all, it has "Fun Facts", a picture of me with Jerry Spinelli, a few of his books in the magazine holder that I mounted with mounting tape, and activities for Stargirl in one folder and activities that would work with any of his books in the other.
The reason I have Jerry Spinelli up as our first author is because (he is my favorite of all time!!) and the children will be reading his autobiography over the summer. We will be reading Stargirl and Maniac Magee in reading groups (very informal to tie in with our Kindness unit that I am starting with), and we will start to see how Jerry's life and the people in his life inspire his stories. In Writing, we will write our own stories and learn how to use our lives to inspire our own stories! Just like Jerry Spinelli does!

This was well worth the $19.99 I spent on Teachers Pay Teachers! Shelley Greyson created this online and it will save me so much hassle in the classroom. It has activities from making things, reading, writing, solving, drawing, and journaling. I will switch out activities every 2 weeks and it will last the whole year! I can't wait to implement it, and see what the kids come up with!

This is the Math area. My manipulatives for Everyday Math haven't arrived yet, but that's what will fill the bins. The green bin on the top is for Holey Cards multiplication and division practice. The mini-blue boxes are for when they need to take counters, etc to their seats. The big black bins are for Base-10 blocks and connectors.

I found these boxes at Michael's for way cheap! I can't help myself now! Every time I see something with owls, I get it - if it isn't too expensive. The materials in front are the first day of school "gifts" for the kids: a pencil, a name tag, and a welcome card!

Classroom library - again! But I finished it and wanted to showcase the chairs and lamp I got off of Craigslist, carpet is from Big Lots and matches perfectly!

This is the Reading Ring. Kids can choose a question from it and answer it with a partner based on the books they are reading at the time. 

I set the tables up with 6 around and a centerpiece! I made them with things from the Dollar Tree - again! I hope this makes them feel more at home, since this will be where we will spend most of our time here :)


  1. Your room looks amazing. I love the owls and your color scheme.
    You seem to know a lot about reading and writing. I look forward to reading more from your blog!
    Antoinette :)

  2. Thanks, Antionette! I LOVE teaching Reading and Writing - I use Lucy Calkin's Rdg and Wtg Workshop models. They fit just right for me :) I hope to post a lot more about what I will be doing in the classroom with them!

  3. I am loving those super cute tables and centerpieces!! TOO CUTE :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

    1. Thanks, Kelly Anne! The goal is to make it a little cozy of a room. As we know, there will be a lot of time spent in here :)

  4. Your room looks great! So cute, warm, and inviting!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I was going for the idea of it eventually running on its own so that I can do a lot of small group/one-on-one stuff. And of course, the kids feeling at home :)

  5. So I'm excited to see this. it reminds me of our time. Got an ideas for your owl chest too. love that you still use Holey cards!!! they are awesome.


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