Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finished My Classroom! ... Well, almost...

This week has been great! When I think about what I walked into (a bare classroom, literally. I had empty shelves, desks, computers, and a teacher's desk), I can't believe how far I've gotten. Everyone seems impressed, but I am doing what I love, and of course that is going to look amazing. When we are passionate about what we are doing - whether it be our job, families, hobbies, our best always shines through and people will always be impressed.

I pretty much have everything together except a few things. I am waiting on some labels and borders in the mail, and I need to finish my Jerry Spinelli author study board. I am going to highlight an author every couple of months so that students can get excited about reading in that way. I started with Jerry Spinelli because our summer reading that I assigned is his autobiography. In our Reading Groups, I am starting with Maniac Magee and Loser. Two perfect books that go hand-in-hand with my first theme: Kindness. I will get more into my first 6-8 weeks in another blog. I am soo excited about it!

So, besides Jerry Spinelli board, some labeling and a border I want to replace with one I ordered, my classroom is ready. After I plan, then my materials will be ready, and I will be ready! (Well, as close to ready as we can be for the first day of school).

Isn't it great that we will get to have first days of school for many, many years to come? So much to be excited about!

Below is a quick tour of my room. In my next post, I will get up closer with the camera and explain some of the things going on in each area. Until then, enjoy....



 This is the view when you walk in from the front door. There is another "back" door, where I hold my small groups. That door you see in the front of the room to the right is a door to the Middle School LA and Social Studies room. It will be kept closed during the school day. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to hang anything on there. Thumbtacks nor staples will go through, and nothing sticks. 

 Another view from the front door. That is the small group furthest away, and the library to your right.

This is the library. To the left of it is the Math area.

Tomorrow I hope to finish everything completely. There's so much more I want to do, but if I let myself go, I will never stop! You know what I mean...

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