Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grammar Check - How to Teach Grammar During the Editing Stage of the Writing Process

Today we had our first grammar lesson in fifth grade. I love the structure of these lessons as well as the application of skill and assessment of knowledge which is all tied together and played out during the editing stage of the writing process.

Step One: I start out by teaching a specific grammar skill as the mini-lesson. Most of the time, I use a chart to explicitly teach the skill.

Step Two: I model using a red pen to correct for that skill in my own writing.

Step Three: Students go into their writing and correct any mistakes where they're, there, their, your, or you're is misspelled.

Something very important that I stressed to students is that they are responsible for spelling these five words correctly if they are used in their writing. These words are also on the rubric for their Narrative Stories. I am more lenient with class work and homework, but students are responsible for spelling the words correctly in that work as well.

I hold students accountable for all grammar skills taught throughout the entire year. If you would like a copy of the anchor chart I used during this lesson, please feel free to click here and download it for free at my Teacher Store!

How do you teach grammar in your classroom?


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