Monday, October 27, 2014

Integrating Reading Interactive Notebooks and Literature Cirlces

At the beginning of every school year, I start out with small group reading (guided reading) using two Jerry Spinelli books. This year I am integrating the use of Interactive Reading Notebooks and Small Group Reading.

The structure of the group is as follows:

First, we discuss what was read prior to meeting, focusing on connections made, predictions, questions and whatever else might come up in conversation.

Next, I focus on a literary element such as plot, characterization or story devices. I do this by creating an interactive reading notebook with the students.

I feel like being able to do a reading interactive notebook with students in a small group is much more effective than with a whole class. As I am teaching about the element, for example, plot, I will discuss it using a story the entire class has read. Usually a read aloud that we have already finished. Then, the students put the notebook together and complete the activity using the book they are reading in the small group. This also becomes are a really great way to assess two things: Do they understand this literary element? Do they understand what they've been reading on their own?

Starting next quarter, the class will be moving away from small group reading and into a whole class literature circle. My hope is to refer back to the reading interactive notebook during literature circles and create activities and "during reading" work with it.

How do you use Interactive Reading Notebooks in your Classroom?


  1. Is there a link to the resources you used? like the conflict worksheet?

  2. Is there a link to the resources you used? like the conflict worksheet?


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