Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2nd Annual "State" Fair (Science Fair)

It was a success!! We just had our 2nd Annual "State" Fair today. My students have been each studying a different state for the past 6 weeks. In class, they learned how to read and gather information with nonfiction texts and then wrote a 5-paragraph research paper. At home, they were to complete a science experiment that relates to their state in some way.

Here's what they came up with!

Refreshments Table

Tall or short building, which will fall first in a wind storm?

Which dam will create more hydro-electric power; tall and skinny or short and wide?

Can a solar powered oven cook a s'more?

Does gender make a difference in the strength of a blue crabs pinch?

Does salt have an effect on making ice cream?

What would grow better for industrial farmers, GMO or Organic corn seeds?

In an earthquake, which would stay up longer a cross-bracing building or a non-cross bracing building?

Which stone will erode the fastest?

Will brine shrimp hatch faster in warm or cold water?

Can a concrete wall redirect lava from your house?

Will different temperatures affect the tornadoes? 

Will ice melt faster in the shade or in the sun, but at the same temperature?

Why do the Sandia Mountains turn pink?

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  1. now i know what a science fair is supposed to be i had a science fair and didnt know what to do thank you


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