Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outline of My Reading Lesson (First Quarter)

Hey, everyone! Today I am going to share with you how I plan on teaching READING during the first quarter of the school year. I've been thinking about it, discussing it and reading through TONS of other blogs, but sometimes I just need to sit down and write it out. So here it goes!

The theme for 5th grade right now is Kindness, Peace, Equality and Community. I am using the books Wonder, by RJ Palacio & Maniac Magee and Loser by Jerry Spinelli as the core of our content. I also incorporate a lot of picture books (more on that to come). 


I will start Reading class by teaching a mini-lesson with the students on the carpet as a whole class. 

Day One Objective: Protagonist and Antagonist. 

Whole Class Practice
I will read Wonder to the whole class and we will practice the reading strategy together. 

Outcome: Students will determine that August is the Protagonist and Julian is the Antagonist. 

Independent Practice
Some students will go off on their own and read a book of their choice and complete an activity that reinforces the objective/reading strategy from the lesson. This will not take them long to complete as I hope to also give them time to just enjoy reading their book of choice. The activity will be due at the end of the Independent Reading time. 

Independent Activity Sheet (leave a comment below if you would like a copy of this)

Small Group Practice
A small group of students will be with me at the back table and we will discuss what was read the night before (either Maniac Magee or Loser, depending on what they were assigned). Together, we will complete an activity for the objective/reading strategy that was taught in the mini-lesson. This will most likely be in the form of an Interactive Notebook activity. 

I just purchased the Common Core Assessment Book from Carson Dellosa (really, I got it from Amazon Prime for $2 cheaper). This is going to help me keep track of strategies I teach and the students' performance of each objective. My goal with this is to keep myself accountable for organized records of their achievements and areas where I need to reteach. The assessments will mostly be informal (used during small groups sessions) until the second quarter where students will be involved in whole class literature circles. My observations will be the informal assessment while I have comprehension quizzes that I can use as their formal assessment. 

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