Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey Disguise Project! A Thanksgiving Activity

Every year, I give my students a Thanksgiving activity that is for PURE FUN (though sometimes I add in a writing piece if I feel the students need the extra practice). There are many teachers who do this, and so I am sad to say that I cannot give credit to the original owner of the idea because I do not know who it is! I saw it one year and fell in love and kept with it each year since! I hope you like the pictures! This is an activity that students in Kindergarten up to Middle School have enjoyed!

I gave the students a turkey and told them that the turkey is worried he will be eaten for Thanksgiving, so it is their job to disguise the turkey so he doesn't become dinner!

A cupcake

A box of popcorn


camouflage turkey 

a flower in a meadow

 a math teacher

a pilgrim 

a unicorn

 a body builder

a peacock

a tree with falling leaves

an FBI agent

a tea kettle

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanksgiving Activity for Grades 1-3

Hi Everyone! I usually stick with 5th grade material on my blog, but this season I came up with a super cute idea for the younger grades and really wanted to share!

I call it "Noun" is the Time to be Thankful! Students get to practice what a noun is by writing about a person, place and thing they are thankful for! The booklet is in the shape of a turkey which makes it even more fun for kids!

To guide students in their writing, I included an outline of questions for them to plan their paragraphs.

After they have written their paragraphs, each on a separate turkey, they color in the cover page and cut them each out. Finally, they place all the pages together and share their book with their family during Thanksgiving dinner! If you do this with a few weeks before Thanksgiving, you can make a bulletin board with them! They would be so cute hanging up around the classroom!

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