Monday, February 13, 2017

5th Grade Takes Washington, DC!

We had another very successful 3 days, 2 nights trip to our nation's capital! I changed some things up from last year (my first year ever taking on this adventure!) and everyone had an amazing time!!

I replaced the Spy Museum with an activity and tour of the Newseum which teaches kids about the media. This museum was great because during the 4th quarter, students will be writing and reporting our G.H. Owl Newscast!

Reading from a teleprompter 

Even the teacher can have fun, right?!

Civil Rights Expo - they were locked up for protesting!

An old WORKING typewriter! This was great because we had just finished the book "Stella by Starlight" which takes place in the 1930's and the main character describes, in detail, what it was like to write on a typewriter. 

I added in a visit from a Secret Service Agent. He joined us at the Quaker house on Capitol Hill (which was where we were staying), and told us all about his job. He facilitated a great activity which involved counterfeit money. At the end, he surprised three kids with Challenge Coins and everyone got an SSA pin!

Afterwards, everyone went to sleep to rest up for the long and exciting day ahead. First stop: Arlington Cemetery! 

JFK Memorial 

Reflection Writing 

A little collage action - they loved that this soldier was protecting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 

Next stop, was the White House and then onto the Holocaust Museum

Last thing on the agenda for the day was a Night Bike Tour of the memorials. Even though it was FREEZING outside and everyone was pretty much reminding me of that every 5 minutes (haha!), when I later asked about their favorite activity, this was at the top! Such a neat experience and we were so lucky to have gotten a chance to do it! 

In front of the Washington Monument 

As soon as everyone got back to the house, we all were ready to crash! For our last day, we took part in a Service Learning project which involved making breakfast and serving it to the poor and homeless. Priority Task: Sit and talk with the people we were there to serve. This was my favorite part of the trip because I got a chance to see how moving it was for my students. The results of this project continues to show up in the classroom, whether students are responding to a quote in Morning Meeting or discussing something from a book or part of our history lessons, I can see threads of what they learned from serving those who are less fortunate in life. 

Afterwards, the students had a chance to talk to Rob, the man who started this breakfast. He told us that it all began because someone asked him for a cup of coffee. 

This picture says it all


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