Wednesday, October 30, 2013

**FREEBIE** I LOVE Lucy Calkins' Workshops! So here is one of my Favorite Lessons, FOR FREE!

When I first learned about Lucy Calkins' Readers' and Writers' Workshops back in 2007, I was intrigued! When I was chosen by my school to visit Columbia University for a week and take the week long seminar for the Writers' Workshop, I was hooked!

I absolutely love the structure of the lessons, and how they allow for teachers to add so much of our own "flair" to each strategy we teach. Every unit I create has been based around this model.

I decided to post a **FREE** lesson that I have used many times over to teach how to draft with either a problem and solution or lesson learned. It is very helpful to students because it gives them a sort of starting point in their writing without actually telling them what they should write. I included some great mentor texts that when I first created this lesson I photocopied onto transparency paper! I also included some an anchor chart and graphic organizer!

If you have never taught a Writers' Workshop lesson, this is a great one to start with. I literally walk you through it with a suggested script and tips for conferencing. (I usually do conferencing one-on-one by walking to each student's writing area. Sometimes I pull a small group if 2-3 students are struggling with a similar skill.)

I hope you enjoy this lesson! I appreciate any feedback and stories of how it went in your classroom!


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