Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween Decorations Up in the Classroom!

I absolutely love Halloween! Last year, was my first year at my new school and I spent A LOT of time on building the curriculum, gathering materials and writing and preparing lessons. This year, I get to put my energy towards more fun stuff! I.e. HALLOWEEN! I just love the different things I found and all from Dollar Tree! Go there now before everything is gone if you are planning on doing this to your classroom :)

I love fake spider webs!

 Spooky teacher's desk!

 I already had the student tables decorated. This is the before.

This is the after! Spooky stuff! I got the Halloween erasers at the dollar store as well! The spider web was being sold as a wall decoration, but I think they look great on the tables!

 Classroom Library with skeleton, pumpkin and giant spider!

Love this! "Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid!" hehe

 I got the lanterns that are hanging from the ceiling. They take batteries and glow, but I didn't put batteries in (yet). 

 Door mat and some window clings for our front door. I also put some window clings on the classroom windows!

 The front of the room.

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