Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Teach Discovery Writing (A Poetry Writing Lesson)

In Writers' Workshop, we started our poetry unit this week! Today I taught students how to do Discovery Writing. This is a technique where writers take a regular object and describe it by comparing it to other objects, animals, places, etc.

To introduce the unit, I used Nan Fry's poem, "Apple". I showed my class an apple cut in half so that a star shows up in the middle and then I read the poem out loud. Afterwards, I asked students to point out where Nan used other objects to describe parts of the apple. 

Next, I shared the "Discovery Writing" anchor chart to explain the steps of how to write about regular objects. I modeled with a pencil as my regular object to describe. 

This is what I wrote:

  • bunny's nose
  • green grass surrounding him
  • long fence
  • point to keep the other animals out
Pink bunny nose surrounded by green grass
The long fence stretches to the point 
that keeps other animals out

I handed out an object from the bag to each student (I just went around the classroom beforehand and grabbed a bunch of things) and had them study the object while thinking about other things to compare it to. 

They turned and talked with a partner about their ideas and then went to their writing spot to work on a poem about their object! This ended up being a lesson that the students were really excited about. After most were finished with their first object, they were eager to come back to the bag and switch it out to write about another one! I loved the enthusiasm of describing everyday things!

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