Friday, May 22, 2015

Publish Your Students' Work with Scholastic (totally free!!)

I was so, super excited to see that our books arrived! Scholastic (Student Treasures) gave teachers the opportunity to write a collaborative book with their classes and publish one copy for free. If students chose to purchase a copy for themselves, well awesome! Then Scholastic makes money, but either way, I get a copy for the classroom for FREE! There are no strings attached and it was so much fun to do!

Once I filled out the form online, Scholastic sent me all of the materials that I needed for this to happen. About a week later, the box arrived.

Creating the Book
First, the class had to decide what the topic would be since it was a book they would be writing together with the intention of leaving one copy in the classroom for future students. They decided it should be all about 5th grade at Friends School.

Each student wrote a page either about a favorite thing they did this year or advice for a future fifth grader. Next, they wrote their draft, revised and edited. When they published, they also included an illustration.

After everyone was finished, I collected all of their work, put it in the envelope and attached the shipping label, all of which Scholastic provided.

A few weeks later, the package arrived! Since most of my students ordered their own copy, this will be a really awesome "Fifth Grade Memorabilia" type of thing for them.

Cover Page

Dedication Page

I'm not gonna lie, this page is pretty cool! 

Favorite part of the school year

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