Thursday, November 7, 2013

Steps to Research (Anchor Chart Thursdays!!)

I am so excited about this anchor chart because it demonstrates the idea that I FINALLY figured out how to teach students HOW TO DO research! It is such an important skill, and when I searched the internet for how others were teaching it, I just wasn't finding any that worked for me.

I decided that if I teach specific steps to research, and guide my students as much as I can then when they are older, they can fall back on the steps and use materials, books, etc in any way that works for them.

Writing a research paper is part of my thematic unit plan of Alaska. It ties right into the Reading Nonfiction Unit that I also created - all of which are available in my TpT store!

I have a lot more to say about how I am teaching research, but for now, I am sharing this Awesome Anchor Chart!


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