Wednesday, November 27, 2013

YES!! I revamped my Store and Ready for the Big Sale!

It took some time, well, a lot of time!! However, I FINISHED!! What do you think?? Click the link below and then come back to my blog and leave a comment (if you are so kind)

The Short Story
I started taking my Teachers Pay Teachers store seriously about 2 months ago. At the end of the summer, a friend told me that I should try it, so I put up a few lessons, and pretty much forgot about it. I didn't even have the settings to get emails! One day I decided to see what was happening, and people had bought some stuff! Wow! For some reason, I didn't really expect that. Then a few very nice people left feedback. All 4 stars and "thank you"s. I got excited, but was so focused on the school year, I didn't really bother with it.

Then, I was planning for Unit 2 in my classroom, and thought, "Ok, I may as well make what I am doing good enough to put online for people to buy." Since then, I created a few more products for my store, and now have 27 items, some for sale, and some for free.

I decided that I really needed to redo my store to make it look more professional. I have the quality work, I just didn't have that "eye-catching" cover, or cute, HUGE clip art that so many on the forum tell me I need. So I took this past week and focused only on creating eye-popping covers, and cutesy clip art to attract more buyers. My work was speaking for itself AFTER people bought it, but I wanted to make each product LOOK at first glance, like the amount of time that was truly spent on it. Hours and hours were poured into my research essay project, but only a few people were buying it. I kept being told I needed a frame and clip art. So I did it. I am keeping track of my statistics on views, previews, and purchases to see if it does in fact, make a difference. Click on the link below and browse my store! You can leave me feedback on here as there is nowhere to do that at my store. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog and window shop my store :)

CLICK THIS LINK TO MY STORE or the button to the right labeled "Teachers Pay Teachers"


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