Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Peek at this Week!

In Science, I taught my students about Pingos in Alaska. I showed a quick video, and then we discussed how these form. Students had such a great time building pingos, and Alaskan animals with model clay! Next week, I have an even bigger surprise in store for the students and our on-going learning of Alaska!!

The wonderful Spanish teacher that works with my class twice a week came to me at the beginning of the school year with the idea to have pen pals with 5th grade. We ended up setting it up with the class that I used to teach when I was in Costa Rica!! It just so happens those students are also 5th graders right now! It really is amazing how the universe works out. I miss those kids so much, and it feels great to have a connection to them again. This week, the Spanish teacher had our class write the first set of letters to be sent. My students are getting a kick out the fact that I know their pen pals! It's really an awesome project the teacher is doing!

I attempted these again (I am trying them once a week for now so that I can get my time management down), and this time it went better! I am trying to make it less "pieces" as far as what the students are putting together AND what they have to write. I did this with just 2 pieces of paper to fold, write on, and glue (at the end!!). Then, for the writing part, I had the students do practice problems to show their understanding. Afterwards, students shared with partners or helped each other find the answers while I helped a small group.

What fun things did you do with your class this week? 


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