Monday, November 25, 2013

A Fun Thanksgiving Day Project with 5th Grade!

What I love about teacher blogs is that we can learn so much from each other! Between curriculum design, lesson plans, activities, and holiday projects, I feel like every teacher should be taking advantage of this new way to collaborate! When browsing through the internet for some Thanksgiving Day activities, I saw this Turkey in Disguise idea from Teaching in Room 6

Students are to take a turkey and create a disguise for it. I sent them home on Friday to do just that. Today, to add in some writing because it IS the Year of the Writer at our school, students were asked to write a story where their turkey had to convince a hungry family that they were indeed NOT a turkey at all!

It was such a fun project. Tomorrow the students share and I hung them up already! Oops! I was just so excited about how great they did with the disguise AND the writing. Here are some pictures of what a few kids came up with:

What do you do in your classroom to celebrate Thanksgiving?


  1. I did this project with my students last year and they had a blast! Such fun!!

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

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