Thursday, December 10, 2015

Integrating Math, Writing, Reading, Science and Social Studies!

Things are starting to come together now! During this unit, I am teaching students so many things!! Every time I try to talk about this unit, I end up a blundering mess because I have so much I want to say. To make a long story short though, this unit I taught students how to complete research while also teaching them about Alaska. I was able to incorporate all subjects and especially proud of myself this year because I included math in there as well!

Here is the outline of the objectives in each subject:

Reading: How to read nonfiction text, specifically Informational Books

Writing: How to complete research and write a Research Paper

Science: How to use the Scientific Method, beginning with how to create a question that can be answered with an experiment

Social Studies: Answer the question, how does the environment influence ones way of life

Math: How to organize data using various graphs

Everything is coming together so well! Part one of two was completed today - Students finished their Research Papers!

Here is a small look into how it was done.

Completing the research by asking questions....

Then organizing the questions into categories.....

Then answering each question.

Students then decided on which category had a substantial amount of information to create into body paragraphs for their research paper

Next, students created Pie Chart to show the population of their state

This was great because I was able to teach about how to find percentage, how to read Pie Charts and then how to make a Pie Chart 

Finally, students were able to put everything together! Some created more text features including side bars, pictures with captions and maps!

Next up! The BIG DAY! Next Tuesday, students will present their research papers and science experiments at our "State" Fair. A really awesome ending to a very FUN quarter! Stay tuned!

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